3 Tips to Build Your Company a Best Place to Work

A recent article, 3 Secrets Of A Best Company To Work For by David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom say that “best company” is more than having satisfied and engaged employees but an awesome company culture, too.

Here are three tips to build your company a best place to work for and inspire your employees to become their best.

1. Focus on purpose.

Live by a purpose that is communicated clearly throughout the organization. That purpose is powerful because employees are inspired to bring their all, share all their visions, and are given time and resources to innovate so they can develop processes and products. They feel empowered to deliver a meaningful difference. Employees like that are not just satisfied at work—they also create a strong collaborative team culture in team office space.

2. Don’t focus only on the perks

Workplace perks are great bonus and they play significant role in attracting new employees. But aside from perks, what makes a best company to work for is a culture of listening to what employees want to achieve, and a commitment to help them do it. Here are things you can provide for your team:

  • Vision or inspiration of what they are trying to achieve.
  • Independence as an expression of trust.
  • Recognize work that has made a difference.

3. Appreciation and recognition

A “best company” knows to appreciate its employees. It understands the value of motivation and engagement; it highlights the substance of meaningful recognition, and provides the knowledge and tools for leaders and members to appreciate one another’s everyday undertakings and big wins.

Companies that make appreciation a priority don’t just benefit from all its positive results—they also become awesome places to work.


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