7 Tips For Hiring a Part-time Accountant

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A recent article, 14 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Part Time Accountant by The Young Entrepreneur Council says that mismanagement of finances can really hurt your business. Therefore, a part-time accountant can be a great option to help you handle your finances very well.

Here are some things to consider when hiring a part time accountant:

Don’t hire someone based on lower rate

If someone is charging lower fee than everyone else, that’s generally a sign of inexperience and incompetence. Spend the extra you need to hire an expert and don’t hand over your finances to anything less.

Make sure they understand your industry

Ensure the candidate understands your industry and business form. Don’t hesitate to ask them what they think of your industry and your particular business model.

Test their digital savvy

Ensure that the person has technical know-how and expertise with online tools and systems.

Limit their power and authority

The person doing your accounting entries should not be authorized to write checks or spend money, or people who are allowed to disburse money should not allow to adjust their purchase entries in your accounting system.

Be specific on their duties and responsibilities

Let the candidates know exactly what you need and require, as well as their duties and responsibilities.

Communicate clearly

Have open and clear lines of communication. The earlier you can create good communication, the faster you will be able to build trust and have a great working relationship.

Have a regular check in schedule

It is crucial to organize your finances in an ongoing way to avoid backlogs during critical times for reporting, taxes or fundraising. Weekly or monthly works best, depending on how much work you are outsourcing.


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