5 Must‐Haves For Your Workplace In 2016

IMAGE- YO-5 Must-Haves For Your Workplace In 2016-122115-CuratedA recent article, Set up your workspace to get more done in 2015  by Lisa Gordon says that many of us spend lots of time and effort making our home great. Many of us spend just as much or more time at the office and it makes sense to make it comfortable, happier work environments help us work better.

Here’s a list of must‐haves to help you be more comfortable and productive in your workplace:

Standing desk

According to research, sitting all day is unhealthy, that’s the reason why lots of people in flexible office space have now switched from sitting to standing desks.
Most standing desks are costly; luckily, IKEA creates a solid, inexpensive option that’s also gotten great reviews: the Bekant, with adjustable legs. The Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior is a crowd‐pleaser, and won’t cost you too much.

Desk chair

Most of us will still need a chair in an agile office space. The best chairs are ergonomic, two great affordable selections are the Hon Volt series, available at Amazon, Costco, and others, and the IKEA Markus.

Anti‐fatigue mat

You’re going to need a mat if you’re standing all day‐‐‐anti‐fatigue mat helps you relax, improves circulation and relieves pressure in your feet, shoulders and back.

Washable keyboard

Get a washable keyboard from Logitech if you are tired of spilling coffee all over your keyboard, or just a little worried what’s harboring between those keys.

Water bottle

Keep a water bottle on your desk that will help you stay hydrated during the hectic days.


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What other things make you comfortable and productive at work?  Feel free to share your comments and questions below.  You can also visit us on Twitter and Google Plus.

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