Managing vs. Coaching

agile office spaceA recent article, What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Managing? by Ryan Mead says that coaching is an essential  part of management— it is not just about direction and authority but more about being personally invested in where the employee is headed.


  1. Managing is simply being in charge and running the show.
  2. It means to have control of, to take care of, make decisions about or to direct the professional career of someone.
  3. The employee can be left to hang for failure when a manager is more concentrated on the production.
  4. Merely managing the productivity can stress workers and possibly cost company time and money.


  1. Coaching is taking the time to show the employee how things run, what’s expected and how to do their job smoothly and completely.
  2. It’s more than just working in a position and clocking out at 5 p.m. daily but it’s about investing into your employees.
  3. It means training your team not just on a superficial level but showing them visually what needs to be done.
  4. Coaching is about inspiring your people to do and be more.
  5. It empowers them. The moment you begin to empower your employees, the moment they will start walking in their leadership skills.

Who should be coached first?

Begin with your top talents, those who exhibit real promise in leadership. Don’t try to coach all of them but start to coach one and encourage them to invest in another employee, so on and so forth. You will see the company run the very way you planned and imagined.


Managing and coaching are working hand in hand for building a strong company culture. Empowering your team is not just about directing and training them but a well-organized workspace is highly needed. YourOffice has come alongside hundreds of business looking for everything from staffed flexible offices to agile office space. We know your business is unique, and your office space shouldn’t be any different. Let us match the perfect space or service to fit your business needs.

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