Thoughts on How To Be Humble in Business

111111A recent article, How to be Humble, by Dan Rockwell, provides excellent advice on how to be humble in business.  His advice is greatly inspired by his father’s teachings.

12 Steps to Be Humble in Business

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  2. When life falls short, get up.
  3. When projects fail, say, “Better luck next time”.
  4. When others fall short, ask, “How can we bring out your best?”
  5. When growth is slow, adapt.
  6. When projects succeed, share praise with your colleagues in your shared office space. Surprisingly, success isn’t praised as often as it should be.
  7. When decisions don’t go your way, grab an oar. Pride pouts.
  8. When you mess up, don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry..
  9. When values are violated, say, “We don’t do that here”. Humility isn’t a pushover.
  10. Focus on performance when promotions are given. Always avoid favoritism.
  11. Reject reserved parking spaces. You’re not too good to walk.
  12. Rejoice when someone else gets the spotlight you wanted.

5 Values of Humility

  1. Being different is not a bad thing. Decide to be a leader in coworking office space among equals.
  2. Accept weakness while striving for better.
  3. Share the spotlight with others, don’t take it all.
  4. Humility is seen in actions more than facial expressions.
  5. Be appreciative. Gratitude retorts arrogance.

Things to Ponder

  • Humility is a cure to arrogance.
  • Think about what arrogance wants and do the opposite.

Schedule thirty minute – “no agenda” meetings while using  meeting space South Park and don’t have direct reports. They choose what’s on the agenda. You ask questions. Try it every other week for at least two months.


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