How to Work From Home Effectively

Coworking Office SpaceThe thought of working from home seems to be a dream; imagine all the naps and coffee breaks you could take, not to mention browsing the Internet on sites like Facebook or Twitter in between work hours. The question is how can you stay focused and productive while enjoying working from home. Here are some simple instructions that will be beneficial to you and your client based on Organizing From the Inside Out (Holt Paperbacks) by Julie Morgenstern:

Be Organized and Dress The Part

Be ready and get dressed in a casual work clothes instead of weekend clothes or “housedress”. In this manner your mindset will be on working mode. Pretend you’re working in an executive suites South Park, you will certainly accomplish real work without procrastination and delays.

Be An Organized Boss

A comprehensive and detailed schedule of work to be done is the fundamental element of efficiency and productivity. Working from home develops self-discipline and spares you from boring and non-essential meetings.Plan your day in two- or three-hour periods, each dedicated to a different type of work. Spend the morning on the task that requires the most attention and then break for lunch. Divide the afternoon into two or three portions, with short breaks between.

Stake out your Workplace

If you have extra space in your home, set up a home office designed like a flexible office space. If not, choose a corner of the kitchen or the living room (but not your bedroom; having a computer there can hinder sleep). Use a bookcase or another piece of furniture as a room partition to create a space that feels separate from the rest of your home; you need distinct borders. And if you’re working at your dining-room table, get a couple of good boxes for supplies and files that you can pack up and put away when you’ve finished for the day.

Identify your Disturbances

At home, you’re going to be tempted to get up and do household chores. Be mindful you are still on the clock and use the time purposefully to solve a problem or compose an email. Do not let distractions interfere with your tasks for the day, work as you stay in the shared office space.

Stay Connected

Keep updated and connected with your clients staying in a team office space. Let them know that you are working regularly and virtually participating in the business endeavor.It’s also hard to go a whole day without socializing, so schedule a lunch date with a friend or go for a leisure walk.


Considering these guidelines, working from home is effective as working in The Smarter Way To Office. Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, everything you need to optimize your business performance is right here – from day one. Your workplace comes complete with furniture, telephone lines and equipment, secure high-speed Internet access and a world-class business support team.

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