2015 Business Travel Trends

Executive Office SpaceBusiness travel is on its way to recovery according to the recent report by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and it’s set to increase 8.6% in 2015. That being said, the expectations of business travelers are also rapidly growing in line with other changes in technology and society. Here are few of the important trends likely to affect business travelers in 2015:

Millennials Influence

According to a survey conducted by Expedia Travel, millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000) travel for business more than their older counterparts which mean they (the millennials) impact the travel industry much more.

Millennials are expecting a greater business travel experience which includes perks, freebies and modern services like free Wifi and loyalty programs .They do vast research while trip planning, make online flight bookings, and team office space reservations. In part, it’s their tastes that are driving the demand for value-chic hotels – stylish yet affordable accommodation with all the latest technological features.

Mobile Devices

Marketers and operators are developing mobile device apps that will give the travelers easy access to all their travel needs like real-time notifications, updates, offers, directions and the addresses of short term offices. Hotel smartwatches can be equipped with a room key function instead of key card, and travelers can download boarding passes onto their wearable tech as announced by some airlines. With all these modern technologies, the industry offers a complete and dynamic customer experience.

The Growth of Conference Facilities

Every generation has different working habits, thus expectations in terms of hotel meetings and conference venues vary. To address these changing needs, hotels will soon feature flexible work spaces that adapt to the needs of delegates, with technology that facilitates the web-based, multimedia approach favoured for modern business presentations and conferences. Social and collaborative meetings are now the norm, so hotels need to focus on video conferencing and audio-visual equipment, as well as break-out space where delegates can decompress, chat informally and focus their minds over the course of the work day.

Are you a business traveler or a meeting organizer? Feel free to share your comments and insights in the comment section below.

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