What’s New for Small Businesses in 2015

What’s in store for small business marketing in 2015? At ReachLocal, we asked a dozen of the industry’s top experts to share their predictions for what small businesses can expect this year. From technology enabling better business and marketing capabilities for SMBs to the impact of consumer trends in social and mobile to the demand for content marketing, these experts share some of the top trends for small businesses to start thinking about as we head into 2015. Take a look at their insights:small-business

1) Technology and data will empower SMBs to better know their customers, resulting in better marketing strategies and more ROI.

2) SMBs integrating across systems will help reduce complexity and increase effectiveness.

3) Software with service will help SMBs get more out of their digital marketing and technology integrations.

4) Consumer behavior will drive more SMBs to invest in mobile and differentiate themselves with online scheduling and payments.

5) Mobile marketing will become the new “must-have” for SMBs.

6) Social will be more about paid than organic, forcing SMBs to adapt.

7) SMBs will adapt to shift in social by investing in advertising and building their own channels.

8) The changing consumer buying journey will require SMBs to do more comprehensive digital marketing.

9) Great storytelling will power better, more effective marketing.

10) Adapting content for multiple platforms and uses will boost effectiveness.

11) Reputation monitoring will help SMBs better manage their brands online.

12) Technology will enable SMBs to track true marketing ROI and get more out of their budgets.

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