Find Your Dream Job via Social Media Optimization

The importance of online profiles and social networking in recruitment is on the rise, professionals of every field should get interested in developing a social media strategy as means of both furthering their careers and growing their

Social networks help to bring your brand to a wider audience, granting you all the space to become your sector’s thought leader. And that’s something impressive to every recruiter.

Here are top five tips on how to create an efficient social media strategy and develop a recognizable personal brand.

1. Choose your areas of expertise. Before you settle on one to three areas of expertise, you first need to decide what you’d like to be recognized for. Don’t go for general categories like Finance or Management—develop your personal brand in a niche field. What are you passions and interests? What do other people say you’re talented at?

The next step is generating meaningful content that adds a value to the community. Whether it’s posting or sharing, ask yourself twice whether a given piece of information is worth it.

2. Research your niche. Have a look at what people in your niche are talking about and what topics interest them most. Twitter offers a great search engine, where you can type a keyword or Hashtag and then add some advanced search options like location, language, or sentiment.

To know which hashtags and keywords you should RiteTag’s hashtag search or BuzzSumo.

3. Be consistent. Make sure all your social media profiles match up. Whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll only gain on professionalism if you use the same profile photo and use a consistent name.

4. Post regularly. Be active and post every day on social networks you value most.

5. Monitor mentions of your name and respond. Track your name every time it appears online.

If you’re interested in new career opportunities, rewarding partnerships, prestige, credibility and industry recognition, a great social media strategy is the best solution to reach those and other goals.

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