Harvey Mackay: Winning Friends in the Office and at Home

Friendship is ranked highest among various virtues. It is an essential element in a full, virtuous and worthwhile life. There are three kinds of friendship:

1. Friendship of pleasure: Two people are wonderfully happy in each other’s company.

2. Friendship of utility: Two people assist each other in everyday aspects of life.

3. Friendship of virtue: Two people mutually admire each other and will be on their best behavior in order not to jeopardize their relationship.

The value of friendships is perhaps most emphasized throughout the holidays. We share special gifts, look for opportunities to connect, and vow to do a better job of keeping in touch.

Where does friendship fit into your business life? Working together can easily turn co-workers into best friends, making jobs more enjoyable and turning the workplace into a home away from home instead of a pit of boredom.

Friendships need to be managed appropriately, just like every other workplace function. You need to understand and respect each other’s boundaries and privacy, just as with personal relationships. But work issues can present some unique challenges when ensuring that both your job and the friendship are not at risk.

• Limit social chatter

• Keep private issues private

• Avoid gossip

• Don’t do each other’s jobs

• Include, don’t exclude. Don’t ignore the rest of your workplace. Invite other co-workers to lunch, and include them in your conversations so they don’t feel left out

• If you value your relationships with family and friends outside of work, you need to work to maintain them

• A mission statement might be helpful. You have career goals and aspirations

• Time management is just as important for friendships as for your business schedule

• Spend some time planning your personal hours

• Honor your plans

Friendship is an important part of your lives so it is important to balance your working environment and your friendship.

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