What Co-working Can Really Do For You

There was a time when indie businesses, consultants, freelancers and the like were stuck alone in their home offices or fighting for space (and plugs) at the local coffee shop. Thanks to co-working, all that has changed – and it’s definitely for the better.

People don’t want to work in tiny cubicles anymore. Working from home can be isolating – and coffee shops can be distracting. But when you co-work, inspiration is through the roof. You’re surrounded by a ton of passionate people who are all focused on their dream jobs.


Here are some tips on the benefits of co-working:


Co-working can help you find the right people.


The value of co-working is in the relationships, far more than the resources. You have a network of people that you can instantly ask advice from – on anything.

In the co-working environment, everyone is usually very protective of each other. There’s a lot of support because everyone is in the same boat.

When you make co-working a part of your weekly routine, you can get the support you’re looking for from people who understand – and they are exactly the type of people that you need to be around.

The most important part is to get out there and explore the co-working spaces in your community and see what works for you.

Co-working can help you save time.


Your time is precious as an entrepreneur – so saving time where you can is essential. You can save time by learning about new resources, apps, best practices and more from the people that you co-work with. Since you’re all facing similar challenges, chances are someone in the group has found some type of solution – and a lot of times that solution can be found in your own backyard.


How to make it work.


If co-working isn’t an option in your area, who says you cannot create the option for yourself – and if there’s an active community in place, it’s time to get involved. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of a corporation – you can help the co-working movement grow from where you are now.

If there isn’t a co-working facility in your area, you could be the one who can change that. What’s stopping you? There are probably empty or partially occupied buildings in your community that have office space available for a co-working space.

Creating a space does not mean a complete overhaul. A gathering of passionate people, Internet access, and an area to come together is a good start. Many companies are eager to take part in this movement and can more often than not carve out a co-working space at their company.

Co-working is a fundamental shift in the way that people work. Whether you’re working for yourself or working for a company, you can take part in the revolution. How are you going to get started?

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