‘Facebook at Work’ Is coming to Your Office

FACEBOOK At WORKFacebook is working on an office version of its social network for employee-to-employee communication at work.

The company is currently testing Facebook at Work. The trick will be for users to feel comfortable that their personal life won’t spill over into their corporate one; and for users to stay on the Facebook website.  The new service would also change the way Facebook is perceived by other tech companies. The Facebook at Work platform would make it a direct competitor to LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, IBM and others.

Given that Facebook already has 1.35 billion users who access the social media network every day, it’s well poised to leverage into an office platform that actually works. Facebook employees already use the social network to collaborate internally.

LinkedIn is known as the network that does the best job at categorizing coworkers and connecting you to them; however, there’s no live chat feature, and collaboration is nonexistent.

Article source: http://www.kspr.com/life/money/facebook-at-work-is-coming-to-your-office/21052342_29771926

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