Big Tips For Small Meetings

You’ve probably heard the slogan, “Small meetings lead to big ideas.” And we couldn’t agree more! For destinations, small meetings lead to big business. These smaller meetings play a vital role in the success of a destination. Small meetings are like the mortar between the bricks in the meetings industry, holding everything together. bigUnderstanding the important role small meetings play and the value they hold will greatly increase your negotiating clout.

Here are Three Tips to Get BIG Results for Your SMALL Meeting

Your Meeting Needs More Space Relative to Total Room Nights: Most hotels evaluate meeting RFP’s by the amount of meeting space required relative to the number of hotel guest rooms. If a meeting requires more space relative to its hotel room requirements, planners might have a harder time finding a fit for their meeting.

Determine the Type of Hotel that Fits with Your Meeting’s Objective: There are pros and cons to both options and it’s important to look at the meeting’s objectives when making a decision. Karl Pietrzak offers that, “large hotels have more specialized staff available to assist with the meeting. Additionally, because the hotel has a lot of meetings space, they may have more flexibility with space and rates.

It Can Be All About the Savings: Be sure to review your space requirements and look for ways to save on meeting space. Know the value of your small meeting. Be sure to come armed with data on how much the group spends in total, not just on space, rooms, and food and beverage.

No matter the size of your meeting, we know every meeting requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the planner. Whether it’s all about the space, timing or savings, following these tips will help reduce your frustration and help to get the best deal for your small meeting.

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