4 Ways to Easily Declutter Your Office

‘A tidy office makes for a tidy mind’, or so the saying goes. And certainly if your office is messy, disorganized and cluttered, it makes it harder for people to work productively, as well as giving a bad impression to any visiting clients.

Here are four guidelines for de-cluttering your office:

Go paperless: Going paperless can help reduce the amount of clutter in an office substantially, and thanks to the fact that most workers use computers on a daily basis it’s easy to implement. Ask people to use their email calendars rather than writing memos and reminders and set up a shared server where people can store copies of important documents.

Invest in some storage: We all know there are some items you can’t throw out, but, you 4 Ways to Easily Declutter Your Officedon’t them to be in the office day in and day out. An example of this would be financial records and documents relating to old clients. If you’re low on space, investing in an offsite storage site might be a good idea.

Recycle old electronics: In most offices there is a pile of broken electronics in the corner. Whether it’s broken computers or an old photocopier that has been replaced by a newer model, it’s the dirty secret of every office. Recycling these items, by either contacting the manufacturer or a special electronic recycling company, will help create some extra space, and also means you are doing your bit for the environment.

Set up zones: The way you divide up your office space can help cut down on the amount of clutter generated. Create a library area for research, a storage area, a filing area and workspace areas for each team.

If you want to spruce up your office space and get rid of some of the unnecessary junk clogging up your desks and meeting rooms, follow these guidelines. They may help you in maintaining your office space and working environment better. For more details you can read the original article on evanseasystorage.com.

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