Manage Your Team as a Virtual Manager

How to Manage Your Team as a Virtual ManagerThese days our offices are becoming more and more virtual, and sometimes it gets difficult to manage teleworkers, especially when you’re a teleworker too.

Today YourOffice share this article published on which will help you to manage your team as a Virtual Manager.

Trust – on Both Sides

Building an effective remote team hinges primarily on trust. It’s the trust that your workers are doing what they get paid for, even if you’re not always there to check in.

For an effective teleworking manager, your team needs to have trust in you as well. They need to be sure that you’re still there to solve problems, break up workflow and political logjams and give direction as they needed, whenever they needed. If you’re not holding up your end of the bargain, the whole relationship falls apart—and it won’t be your team’s fault.

Setting the Standards

Telecommuting is impossible if you’re not properly technologically equipped. Set the standards of efficiency and collaboration amongst your team. Utilize all of the tools your team is equipped with for remote collaboration, whether it’s file and document sharing, web conferencing, social business platforms or internal messaging and presence tools. Your team will look to you as the telecommuting example; if you want them using a tool, you better be prepared to master it yourself.

Keeping the Door Open

Use an open door policy for your team means if someone really needs you, they can pop by quickly for a chat.

Many people feel this experience is lost when you or your team (or both) are telecommuting, but it simply doesn’t have to be the case. There are number of ways to reach you when you’re not in the office. Sending a quick email is good idea than poking your head in your boss’ door to see if he’s free. You can use iMeet®, maintaining the level of availability and accessibility you should strive to offer your team and keeping the virtual door open, as it were.

Telecommuting is more than just sending an IM or email or jumping into a virtual meeting. It is a series of practices, processes and philosophies, on the parts of managers and employees that makes remote work possible.

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